With love comes passion, something Wayne Buckingham is all too familiar with. The love of basketball has taken him all over the world where he has played professionally on several continents, making stops in the CBA, and European leagues. A native of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, Wayne had the privilege of starting his basketball career at Cascade High School. With his strong desire to excel in the game of basketball, he transferred to South-Side High in Atlanta, Georgia. There his passion led his team to record seasons while receiving several honors for himself. From being named in 1989  the #1 Power Forward in the country and # 9 cover all, McDonald’s All American, coaches All American , Converse All American and  Georgia Player of the year.

 After heavy recruitment, Wayne made the decision to become a Clemson Tiger and made the ACC All Star team as well as helping his team make it to two NCAA and NIT Tournaments. While attending Clemson University, he discovered an education would carry him farther than basketball alone.
He fulfilled his dream in spring of 1994, by graduating with a degree in Industrial Education from Clemson and then went on to travel the world and gain an expanded perspective. Combined with some of his own life experiences and seeing the youth not being represented or equipped with the necessary knowledge, Wayne created the Wayne Buckingham (WAB) Youth Clinic and https://www.facebook.com/wabsportsclinlc/ Aim High program. There he teaches the importance of not only the fundamentals of basketball but also the foundation to turn your dream into reality.
Wayne Buckingham is also a valued member of his local community. Not only does he show support to families and their children through sports education but he is devoted to several foundations which he has founded. The Bertie Ruth Buckingham foundation is to bring awareness about cancer and to help raise funds to support cancer research.
Mr. Buckingham also appreciates the other influential members or the sports community and his local area. In order to show his respect that he and others have for others who have helped better Bedford County he founded the Bedford County Hall of Fame. Each year new members become inducted and a benefit is held in their honor.